On my way to learning how
to watch my mouth when they get proud cuz
when its easy it seems to be
the way people want to lean.

was the last time you really had a though of your own?
Was it something unoriginal
that your subconscious stole?

Maybe your right...maybe I'm wrong.
But can you imagine life before the storm?

I saw the devil givin kisses in the moonlight.
I knew better than to try to understand.
"I am not the devil, but i still am not your savior"
I wonder why you've been so black and white?

Are you comfortable when summarizing all you've been told?
Is it undoubtable
or maybe the piece of a whole?

Maybe the sun isn't your god,
but have you forgotten all who lived before?

I saw a saint committing murder in the moonlight.
I knew better than to try to shake his hand.
"I may be a saint but I know I'm far from perfect."
I wonder why you've been so black and white.

I saw the devil making music in the moonlight.
I saw the angels they all love to sing along.
Oh, how to turn an ark into a royal spaceship.
I wonder why you've questioned all you're life.




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SHERBETTY Minneapolis, Minnesota

"A little grandiose and very self-effacingly quirky, Sherbetty's new LP twists its electroacoustic pop into some fun new shapes." - minneapolis-music.com

"With a range from folksy to punk, Sherbetty’s most recent album, If You Lived Here… You Would Be Homeless By Now keeps you on your toes from track to track, and is sure to entertain from the stage." - Secrets of the City
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