Dracula's Revenge
Far beyond the hillside
A village undisturbed
A peaceful people stirred
And build their homes out of the Earth

A full moon upon them
Had silenced every bird
Their souls still rest assured that no evil should occur

(Girl)Baby are ya sure you locked the door
I hear the moanin of our wooden floor
(Boy)Girl, it's in your head, get back to bed
You know you're crazy sometimes

But then the violence
Drowns the silence
A vampire bride came for the blood
And her eyes were glowing

That's when I killed her
stabbed her in the chest
stabbed her in the chest
with a well placed crucifix

She howled to the hillside
She signaled for her love
It echoed far above
To the Castle Dracula...

(Dracula)What is this I hear?
My bride is near
I fear the worst for the one I hold dear
My lover, if she's gone
Before the dawn, I shall taste my revenge!

And so he takes flight
Into the night
Man, he ain't lettin' this go
And his eyes were glowing

The night turned to fire
A village unprepared
The path of his despair
Was paved with hollow, frightened stares

Many men had fallen
A brave few dug their heels
Finally, the ordeal was hushed by thundering appeal

We've more to do
Than wait for your abuse
Your torment's through on our kind

We'll not be cowards
Or overpowered
And we ain't lettin' you go
But still his eyes were glowing...




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SHERBETTY Minneapolis, Minnesota

"A little grandiose and very self-effacingly quirky, Sherbetty's new LP twists its electroacoustic pop into some fun new shapes." - minneapolis-music.com

"With a range from folksy to punk, Sherbetty’s most recent album, If You Lived Here… You Would Be Homeless By Now keeps you on your toes from track to track, and is sure to entertain from the stage." - Secrets of the City
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