This is hardly being productive
As if the writing wasn't on the wall
We're murderin' time
Barely livin' off a dime

This is hardly bein' constructive
People askin' what I have to show
But I'm in my prime
To let it fly by would be a crime

Put it off til another day
We've all got our dues to pay
The tracks that my shoes have made
Show that I choose the way
I bleed myself dry

This is hardly motivation
My tongue's so numb I can't consume the drool
Would love save my life
Will I chase it til I die

So I say come what may
This life's not a slow decay
I'll meet all kinds of strays
Showin' they chose their way
To bleed themselves dry


Then the spiders come alive
And they wipe their beady eyes
So the spiders take a dive
To make the music come alive




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SHERBETTY Minneapolis, Minnesota

"A little grandiose and very self-effacingly quirky, Sherbetty's new LP twists its electroacoustic pop into some fun new shapes." - minneapolis-music.com

"With a range from folksy to punk, Sherbetty’s most recent album, If You Lived Here… You Would Be Homeless By Now keeps you on your toes from track to track, and is sure to entertain from the stage." - Secrets of the City
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