Trapped within the belly of the beast
Keeps me from Breathin'
The more I run my tongue
the more i seem to feed him

Well I've been a ghost
And I've helped the most that I can
It doesn't seem to make
Anyone happy here

So let's jam (so let's jam)
Until the next ride
It's tits up
It's our luck
So we laugh
And shake our heads
We ain't dead
But what's next?
So I guess
I won't complain
It's all part
of the rules
Smoke and booze
To fill the air
Between Now
And what may
Cause I've never tried so hard to get it/Heavy-HeartedAndHard-Headed
Bait it's to much to take

We're so awful
We're so awful.

The heart I carry so heavy
It burdens my body
And every lost control
Desires to haunt me
Well, I've had some talks
And I've broke some walls with my head

But I won't admit
I did regret it a bit
But Goddamn!
I don't understand WHY
It's my fault
That I'm mad
When it's them
That threw the shit
At the fan
The big plan
So it's time
I drew a line
In the dirt
It's my words
And my fists
To fill the air
Between now
And what may
Cause I've never tried so hard to get it Heavy-Hearted&Hard-Headed
Bait it's to much to take
To take

We're so awful
We're so awful

Where do you see yourself
In ten years time
What a loaded question
May I suggest a new way to view
Fate! And make sense of the signs

I've ignored what I was given
Not by God, but by Mom
I won't deny the need for forgiveness
But we can forgive
One another
On our own

Where do you see the World
In 100 years time?
What does it matter,
When your bladder
Can barely hold
The urine from yesterday's wine




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SHERBETTY Minneapolis, Minnesota

"A little grandiose and very self-effacingly quirky, Sherbetty's new LP twists its electroacoustic pop into some fun new shapes." - minneapolis-music.com

"With a range from folksy to punk, Sherbetty’s most recent album, If You Lived Here… You Would Be Homeless By Now keeps you on your toes from track to track, and is sure to entertain from the stage." - Secrets of the City
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