I burned all my prized possessions
abandoned all I've known.
Drove my car up to the cliff side
forced the pedal with a stone.
While they all mine for the gold
where the wild things roam I go.

I have made this land my kingdom
I've built myself a throne.
While beasts are sleeping at my feet
their creature comforts shown.
These scars beneath these hides
remind me that I'm still alive.

I still wait to share my way with you.
I feel that you are not among the true.
I'll throw a forest party of one,
table for two.
Only one still howls whooooooooo!




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SHERBETTY Minneapolis, Minnesota

"A little grandiose and very self-effacingly quirky, Sherbetty's new LP twists its electroacoustic pop into some fun new shapes." - minneapolis-music.com

"With a range from folksy to punk, Sherbetty’s most recent album, If You Lived Here… You Would Be Homeless By Now keeps you on your toes from track to track, and is sure to entertain from the stage." - Secrets of the City
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